Earth Day, 2013. We Need to Clean Up the Economy

The Candidate at Monmouth Battleground State Park

At Monmouth Battleground State Park. Image by Dee Cantalice, Millstone. 

April 22, 2013, Monmouth Battleground State Park, 6:00 AM. On YouTube.

Earth Day, 2013.

On Earth Day, 1970, I was working to clean up a beach.

Today, Earth Day, 2013, I am working to clean up the economy.

[Both require teamwork.]

I’m standing here at Monmouth Battleground State Park – where Washington won a decisive battle against the British – ready to launch a battle against our competitors in other countries.

Unemployment, at 9.8%, in Dec. 2012, is too high, Medical care costs too much and Taxes are too high on the middle class.

We need to revive the economy so our children can get good jobs when they get out of college, so we can put them thru college, and so we can retire.

We withstood two hurricanes and three nor-easters in 2 years – and power failures. We need to rebuild our infrastructure so we are better able to withstand natural disasters. And shift from high-carbon sources of energy to low carbon sources so we put the breaks on climate change.

We can kill these two birds with one stone – the stone of a sustainable economy that rebuilds infrastructure.

At Bell Labs – where I used to work – Engineers invented the transistor in 1947, the photovoltaic cell in 1954, the Unix Operating System and C Language in 1971; but more than those three technologies – which changed the world – the Labs had [at least] one patent a day for 20 or 30 years. The turned basic research into products, turned ideas into wealth.

But the Labs don’t exist anymore.

We have terrific colleges and universities – Princeton, Rutgers, Brookdale – we should develop relationships between those schools and private industry so that basic research is used to create new products, where we turn ideas into wealth.

And rebuild our economy for the 21st Century. Thank you. Please join my campaign.