Independence Day, 2013

Today, July 4, 2013, I am thinking about The Four Freedoms, Plus Two, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Future.

The Original Four Freedoms, Plus Two:

  • Freedom of Speech and Assembly
  • Freedom to Pray – and to Not
  • Freedom from Fear
  • Freedom from Want
  • Freedom to Love.

The Declaration of Independence, here, The Bill of Rights, here, & the Future – an Economy in which we Thrive –

  • Opportunities to work at a career we enjoy, and retire while we are young enough to enjoy life.
  • An energy infrastructure that provides power without pollution and can withstand hurricanes – an Infrastructure for the 21st Century.
  • Schools, colleges and universities where we can get a good education – so we can find a good job or start a business when we graduate, so we can pay off our loans and build a family, regardless of who we love.

Policy is too important for lobbyists and politicians – and Bob Clifton, one of the incumbents in NJ LD 12 Assembly, is BOTH: A LOBBYIST and A POLITICIAN!  

Mr. Clifton is currently Director of Government and Community Affairs, Comcast Cable Corporation, has been since 2001.  He is also the former Director of Industry Relations, New Jersey Pavement and Asphalt Association. Ron Dancer, the other incumbent for NJ LD 12, Assembly, is a guy who, like Clifton, has one good idea: both are opposed to Hydraulic Fracturing, aka “Fracking.”

Ray Dothard, running for Senate, and Nick Nellegar and I running for General Assembly in Legislative District 12, agree on and support:

  • Increase Minimum Wage.
  • Establishing a NJ Health Benefits Exchange
  • Marriage Equality.
  • Shift to Clean, Renewable Energy.
  • ReBuild Infrastructure.

Based on their voting records, Clifton, Dancer, and Thompson ) agree on and oppose these ideas and policies. The differences are dramatic.Their voting records are on Vote and are summarized below for Clifton & Dancer,

Legislation Name Clifton & Dancer
Furman & Nellegar
S968 Legislative Oversight of Privitization Contracts NAY Supports
A 1329 Limit Firearm Magazine Capacity NAY Supports
SCR 1 Increase Minimum Wage NAY Supports
AR 91 Investigate Finances of the Port Authority NAY Supports
A 2870 Establish OnLine Voter Registration NAY Supports
AR 86 Oppose Citizens United NAY Supports
S 1816 Authorize Delaware Port Authority to Inspect Hazardous Materials NAY Supports
A 2641 Storm water Management NAY Supports
S 2135 Establish NJ Health Benefit Exchange NAY Supports
S 1566 Authorize Conversion of Foreclosed Homes into Affordable Housing NAY Supports
A 3201 Increase Income Tax Rate on Incomes over $1.0 Million NAY Supports
A 1465 Reduce Penalties for Marijuana NAY Supports
S 1 Authorize Marriage Equality NAY Supports
ACR 37 Overturn DoEP Waiver Rules NAY Supports
S 1 Prohibit Treatment or Storage of Hydraulic Fracturing Waste in N J, YEA Supports
ACR 37 Require Participation in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, RGGI NAY Supports