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Sandy And Solar: A Perspective

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The planetary environment will fling its greatest challenges at us, but also furnish us with our greatest opportunities: the challenges spur us on toward the opportunities. Why not “mine the environment?” Ultimately, hurricanes are solar powered, as are all weather systems. So how many Sandy’s do we need to experience before we understand that we are talking about one hell of a lot of power! That thought alone should spur us toward harnessing all that energy, tetra-watts just shining down all around us. If solar power can run something like Sandy, the same can power our homes and industries. All we need is ingenuity and the foresight to apply it.

I Oppose The Proposed “Port Ambrose” LNG Port

US Congressman & Senate Candidate Frank Pallone, Jr. , D. NJ, on the beach, speaking on energy policy

US Congressman & Senate Candidate Frank Pallone, Jr. , D. NJ, on the beach, speaking on energy policy.

Sea Bright, New Jersey, July 11, 2013. I joined Cindy Zipf of Clean Ocean Action, (fact sheetU.S, Rep Frank Pallone, campaign, and many citizens, including two children, one about 6, the other about 9. We spoke with eloquence, passion, and wisdom of the need to protect the shore, the biosphere, the bio-human-sphere.

“We need to build a clean and sustainable energy infrastructure,” I concluded, “one based on solar, wind, wave, geothermal and sustainable biofuels; an infrastructure for the future.  These distributed systems can be designed to withstand natural disasters, human error and terrorist attack. Our future is at stake, and our children’s future.”

I spoke for about 3 minutes, cutting my prepared remarks about in half.

This is not a partisan issue. Rep Pallone and I are Democrats. Governor Christie is a Republican. The Governor wisely vetoed an identical project in 2011 has promised to veto new deepwater LNG transfer ports.  Senator Buono and environmental / citizens groups should hold the governor to his promises.This is a disaster waiting to happen.

We need to look to the rooftops for solar, the oceans for wind and wave power, to geothermal differentials for heat and electricity, to build an infrastructure for the 21st Century.


Greetings from Asbury Park

Asbury Park Convention Center, Postcard weather

Asbury Park Convention Center, Postcard weather

Asbury Park, NJ, April 29, 2013, 6:30 AM.Youtube.

Imagine if we had solar energy systems on our schools and our homes, and if those systems were designed to feed power into buildings when the grid shut down … we would have emergency shelters with power.  And if they were married to wind turbines located 4 or 5 miles offshore – we’d have a much more resilient grid. 

That’s what we have to do.

That’s why I’m running for Assembly.

Thank you very much.

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Energy & Emergency Preparedness

We experienced Two Hurricanes, Sandy and Irene, and Three Nor’Easters within two years, and Severe Power Failures. We must clean up from Sandy and prepare for future storms.

Imagine solar energy systems built from Off-The-Shelf components on each public school. These pay for themselves over time and ultimately lower taxes. If designed to come on when the sun rises during a power failure we would have emergency shelters with light and power. Coupled with off-shore wind turbines and underground cables, also off-the-shelf and available now, we would have a resilient grid that would be able to withstand hurricanes and nor’easters.