Democrats v the Tea Party

I’m running, with Nick Nellegar for General Assembly and Ray Dothard for Senate against three incumbents, Sam Thompson, Bob Clifton, and Ron Dancer. This table shows how they voted, and where we stand on various issues.

Recent Votes by Sam Thompson, Bob Clifton & Ron Dancer
and Positions of Ray Dothard, Larry Furman and Nick Nellegar
Bill Legislation Notes Them US
A 2870 Establish OnLine Voter Registration 1 Opposed Support
AR 86 Oppose Citizens United 1, 2 Oppose Support
S 1 Authorize Marriage Equality Oppose Support
S 2135 Establish NJ Health Benefit Exchange Oppose Support
Economic Development  
A 2162 Increase Minimum Wage 3 Oppose Support
A 3201 Increase Income Tax Rate on Incomes over $1.0 Million Oppose Support
AR 91 Investigate Finances of the Port Authority 1 Oppose Support
S 1566 Authorize Conversion of Foreclosed Homes into Affordable Housing Oppose Support
S968 Legislative Oversight of Privitization Contracts Oppose Support
SCR 1 Increase Minimum Wage 3 Oppose Support
Environmental Protection  
A 2641 Stormwater Management 1 Oppose Support
A 575 Prohibit Treatment or Storage of Hydraulic Fracturing Waste in NJ 1 Support Support
S 1322 Require Participation in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Oppose Support
S 1816 Authorize Delaware Port Authority to Inspect Hazardous Materials 4 Oppose Support
ACR 37 Overturn DoEP Waiver Rules 1 Oppose Support
Law & Order  
A 1329 Limit Firearm Magazine Capacity Oppose Support
Data from
1 Thompson did not vote.
2 We are opposed to Citizens United, and would have voted in favor of a resolution to overturn it. They voted in opposition to the resolution.
3 Dancer abstained from one vote to increase minimum wage, A2162, but voted against it in the vote on SCR1.
4 Thompson voted in favor of authorizing the Delaware Port Authority to inspect hazardous materials. Clifton & Dancer voted against it.


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