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Lawrence J. Furman

Lawrence J. Furman, image copyright Jessica Gabrielle, (c) 2008, used with permission

I co-founded Popular Logistics with Jon Soroko in March, 2007, and have been writing one to two posts per week since my first post – The Staten Island Ferry – Sailing to the Future, on the solar energy system at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal on Manhattan. I didn’t know at the time that this would lead me to an MBA in Managing for Sustainability or to run for the New Jersey General Assembly. As John Lennon one said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

New Jersey, Barbara Buono & Chris Christie

  1. Barbara Buono will Win, Apple will Thrive, Assad will Die, and other Forecasts for 2013, 1/20/13
  2. Policy, Politics, and Jersey, 2/1/13
  3. Buono for New Jersey, 2/2/13

I have seen Senator Buono on the campaign trail several times – in Brick, Manalapan, New Brunswick, Tom’s River.  When people walk up to her after she speaks she listens. And when she speaks she talks about what we need to do to move forward. I am standing behind my calling the election for her January 20, and my Feb. 2 endorsement .

I have never met Gov. Christie. I have seen him on Television, including a taped episode of Saturday Night Live from November, 2012 (YouTube).


  1. Hydro Fracturing, Dirty & Ugly, but What Choice do we Have? 3/12/13,
  2. Fracking,Best Practices versus Current Practice, 3/14/13,
  3. Fracking – Above the Law, 3/18/13,
  4. Fracking – Scientifically Proven Clean – But Is It Junk Science?, 3/24/13.

Fracking may be fueling the economy in North Dakota, but at what cost?

Energy Portfolios

  1. Popular Logistics Sustainable Energy Portfolio, 12/12/12.
  2. Nega-Watts, Nega-Fuel-Watts, Mega-Bucks, 2/8/13.
  3. Gold Bricks and Sink-Holes – The Risk & Reward of Fossil Fuel, Solar & Wind, 2/9/13
  4. Sustainable Energy Portfolio UP 16% & Fossil Fuel Portfolio Up 1.7% – Since 12/21/12, 3/2/13
  5. Portfolio Simulation At 3 Months: Sustainable Energy: Up 22%. Fossil Fuels: 3%.3/23/13

On Dec. 21, 2012, I created an investment simulation with two virtual portfolios: one in Sustainable Energy companies and the other in Fossil Fuel companies. While three months is a very short time horizon, the results, thus far, are striking.

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