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Earth Day, 2013. We Need to Clean Up the Economy

The Candidate at Monmouth Battleground State Park

At Monmouth Battleground State Park. Image by Dee Cantalice, Millstone. 

April 22, 2013, Monmouth Battleground State Park, 6:00 AM. On YouTube.

Earth Day, 2013.

On Earth Day, 1970, I was working to clean up a beach.

Today, Earth Day, 2013, I am working to clean up the economy.

[Both require teamwork.]

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Guns, Freedom & The Second Amendment

I support – and will work for – universal background checks, with no exceptions, strict licensing and training requirements for gun ownership, and a well-regulated militia, as called for in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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A Thriving Economy for the 21st Century

NJ Unemployment Rates, January, 2013, by county. NJ Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development

NJ Unemployment Rates, January, 2013, by county. NJ Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development

Unemployment is at 9.8% in New Jersey. At the county level, in January, 2013, the unemployment rates were in Middlesex County, 8.5%, in Monmouth, 9.4% in Burlington, 9.5%, and in Ocean, 11.7% (PDF, 1).

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, the unemployment rate is 6.7% (2) and Silicon Valley, the unemployment rate is 7.6% (3), people transform basic research into commercial products! Simply put, they turn ideas into wealth. We’ve done it before – think Bell Labs and Thomas Edison. We can do it again.

The good news is that interest rates are low enough that we can roll up our sleeves, rebuild our infrastructure and build a strong foundation for a thriving economy. This will help all of us: the farmers, teachers, engineers, their families, and everybody else. Continue reading

Energy & Emergency Preparedness

We experienced Two Hurricanes, Sandy and Irene, and Three Nor’Easters within two years, and Severe Power Failures. We must clean up from Sandy and prepare for future storms.

Imagine solar energy systems built from Off-The-Shelf components on each public school. These pay for themselves over time and ultimately lower taxes. If designed to come on when the sun rises during a power failure we would have emergency shelters with light and power. Coupled with off-shore wind turbines and underground cables, also off-the-shelf and available now, we would have a resilient grid that would be able to withstand hurricanes and nor’easters.

Lawrence J Furman

Lawrence J. Furman

Lawrence J. Furman, image copyright Jessica Gabrielle, (c) 2008, used with permission

If the least expensive unit of energy is the one you don’t need to buy, the ‘NegaWatt’, then the next least expensive is the one for which you don’t need fuel, the ‘Nega-Fuel-Watt.’

– Lawrence J. Furman

I have been writing and speaking on energy policy since 2004 – to the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Off-Shore Wind Resources, the Board of Public Utilities, BPU, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NRC, the Manalapan Township Committee, Senator Menendez, Senator Lautenberg Representative Holt, other elected representatives and appointed officials, candidates for Township Committee, Governor, and President.  The Monmouth County Democrats, noting my comments, my actions, and my passions, have asked me to take the next step – to serve directly in the NJ Assembly, to take this message of sustainable energy to power a sustainable economy to the Governor as an ally, a team member, and as a Representative in the General Assembly.

My interests in energy policy go back to 1976, when as an intern for the New York Public Interest Research Group, Inc, I worked on a feasibility study of the potential of offshore wind.  In my 2005 testimony before the Governor’s “Blue Ribbon Panel on Off-Shore Wind Resources I said, “30 years ago I said ‘We know it is theoretically possible. Today we know it is possible. The Europeans are proving that it is practical.'”  The panel noted my comments. But there are no offshore wind turbines.

These interests and professional work managing teams led me to co-found Popular Logistics in 2007, and to an MBA in “Managing for Sustainability” – for the long term – which I earned in 2011, and to write the screenplay for “The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” an eco-thriller based on Vapor Trails, the novel by Roger Saillant and Bob Siegel.

Over coffee one unseasonably mild day in February, 2007, I said, “If they had solar power systems on schools in New Orleans before Katrina, then after the storms those schools could have been used as emergency shelters with power. This led to the launch of Popular Logistics, and also led to the launch of this campaign.

On a more personal level, I moved to New Jersey In 1988, with my wife and son, while working at AT&T. We moved to Manalapan after the birth of my daughter, have lived in Manalapan since 1993. I have worked as a computer programmer, database administrator, enterprise storage consultant, at AT&T, Bell Labs, the financial industry, and currently work as the “Director of Information Technology” for a law firm based in New York City.

Serving the Community

  • I currently serve on the Manalapan Township Finance Committee, 2012-Present,
  • I served on the Manalapan Township Environmental Commission. 2007-2008,
  • After co-founding Popular Logistics in 2007, I have written over 400 short posts, primarily focused on energy policy, writing about the economics and logistics of nuclear, coal, carbon sequestration, fracking, solar, and wind, and disasters like Fukushima, the Deepwater Horizon, the coal mine accident at Upper Big Branch.
  • I have appeared before NJ BPU, US NRC, etc. on Energy Policy, 2005-Present,
  • I was a volunteer, with Shalom HaGalil, in 1982.